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What is Attribute Sampling?

It is, in short, a way to simplify the inspection process and develop a QASP.

Read the details here.

2016-2019 Course Schedule

MSC Associates, Inc. is pleased to offer the following scheduled courses through January 2019. You can register for any of these courses on the "Course Registration" page or by sending email to with your name, address, course number and course dates. All courses are scheduled for delivery in hotels in the cities as shown on the "Hotel Information" page.

In addition to these scheduled courses, MSCA will present any of our listed courses on-site at any location in the continental US for five students or fewer for an all-inclusive price of $7500 (For OCONUS locations, $9500). For additional students, the tuition will be $400 per student for 6 to 10 students and $300 per student over 10. The local command must provide a suitable classroom facility (any room with tables and chairs and a projector screen.) We will provide the instructor and all materials, computers, projectors, and classroom supplies. Send your request by email ( to lock in dates.

Course #441 - Performance Monitoring by Attribute Sampling

18-22 Sep, 2017 Las Vegas, NV

23-27 Oct, 2017 Kaiserslautern, Germany

11-15 Dec, 2017 Jacksonville, FL

9-13 Apr, 2018 Kaiserslautern, Germany

23-27 Jul, 2018 Washington, DC

14-18 Jan, 2019 Sacramento, CA

Course #443 - Performance Work Statement Writing and Quality Assurance

12-16 Nov, 2018 Kaiserslautern, Germany

10-14 Dec, 2018 San Antonio, TX

Course #445 - Performance Work Statement Writing

21-25 Aug, 2017 Charlotte, NC

10-14 Sep, 2018 Sacramento, CA

Course #446 - Service Contracts Cost Estimating

25-27 Jul, 2017 Phoenix, AZ

17-19 Jan, 2018 Colorado Springs, CO

14-16 Aug, 2018 Atlanta, GA