Top ten diving watch! Also have to buy close to the people brand

In addition to chronograph, the diving replica rolex may be one of the most popular watches, and among the many manufacturers, the watch fans know the diving watch is nothing more than Rolex Shui Gui, Omega hippocampus and Blancpain fifty These three brands, and I bring you today's top ten brands diving watch may give you a different surprise, I believe after reading can help you choose a suitable for their own diving watch. Rolex In 1926, Rolex released the first waterproof, dustproof watch "Oyster", which Oyster watch with a closed case, to provide the best protection for the movement, and it is the predecessor of the diving watch. After a year, in order to verify the waterproof performance of the watch, Messi Si Gilles wearing Rolex Oyster watch successfully crossed the British Strait. Tracing the source of the inventory of the top 10 watch diving watch manufacturers In 1953, Rolex launched the submarine-type uk replica watches, which is the first waterproof 100 meters deep diving watch, screw-in bottom cover, rotating bezel and eye-catching moment and luminous coating to become a watch Features. With the development of fake rolex science and technology, in 1967 Rolex has launched a sea history watch, water depth reached 610 meters, in order to meet the needs of professional deepwater divers, the case is equipped with helium helmet valve, through the pressure to ensure that the watch Security, and this application has been in use ever since. Volkswagen really exposed to Rolex diving watch also from the 80s of last century, with the 007 series of films released, people gradually found its traces from the screen, and in real life, it has become the official of the Royal Navy Watch. Today, the Rolex diving watch has gone through a hundred years of accumulation, the same is screwed into the bottom cover, rotating bezel and time and other design, but in the material and the movement is a great improvement, I believe most of the watch fans Now the black water ghost poisoning deep, but the quality of Rolex and the process of trustworthy, a "labor" forever and not yet wandering name. Panerai After talking about Rolex, let's talk about it with it inextricably linked to the Panerai, the folder between the Swiss Department and the German Department of survival between the Italian manufacturers. In the early years Rolex had to Panerai foundry for some time, so there is a special friendship between the two. The reason why the Panerai Sea was known to the world, but also from the diving watch. Tracing the source of the inventory of the top 10 watch diving watch manufacturers Panerai first cooperation with the Navy began in 1900, but the original models only for pocket watches and high-precision timing tools. In 1916, at the request of the military, Panerai developed Radiomir, a radium-based luminescent material, used as a luminous coating for instruments and dials. And this has become proud of Panerai has been proud of the design, after all, look at the global watch manufacturers, can do the same as Panerai night effect is not much. Until the last century, 90 years, the original for the Navy's Italian manufacturers began to face the general public, and Rolex is similar to the Panerai is known by the public through the film, but not 007, but Stallone starred in the "Dragon Birthday ", In the film Stallone is the Luminor watch, and after this, the film circle of another" tough guy "Shi Wo Xing Ge also in the film wearing the Panerai, the two tough guy in the movie circle can think And that, Panerai is also rising, but still escape in 1997 by the acquisition of the fate of the group. Today, after taking over the Richemont Group, Panerai or through the Geneva show to get the opportunity to prove their own, while people talked about the radiomir 1940 and 1950 series of watches, in addition to the night is still the evening show In addition, with 3-day power storage PAM 372 movement is also one of the reasons people fell in love with it. IWC Speaking of the nations of this brand, I believe that most of the watch fans learn more is that it is the home of the pilot watch, after all, Mark's long name And talk about the country's diving watch also launched from 1967, the first diving watch Aquatimer 812AD said that the watch is a major feature of the two crown, and was equipped with the movement is 8541, then launched the 816AD, equipped with blue, red or black dial to see the diving watch "not the same side." Tracing the source of the inventory of the top 10 watch diving watch manufacturers In 2009, the nations updated the Aquatimer diving watch family of a major innovative technology - depth meter. It can show the user 50 meters depth of the dive track, and have deep memory function. That is to say the watch will tell you: the deepest dive to the number. Why can only measure the depth of 50 meters range? Because the use of scuba diving equipment dive dive depth of 40 meters. Omega In 1932, Omega launched the first diving watch Marine, although it does not look like other manufacturers have a solid appearance, can rotate the bezel, but it has an automatic "core" until 1957, the Omega hippocampus 300 appeared, it laid its position in the diving watch, double crown and 3 times thicker than ordinary glass watch mirror, so that it can withstand 20 bar pressure, and Omega is still luminous material and dial up and down the foot of the effort , So that the watch has a unique light-emitting characteristics. Tracing the source of the inventory of the top 10 watch diving watch manufacturers After the 1960 launch of the hippocampus 300 series watch, still using the Arabic numerals design, but after two years, with a black dial, wide arrow pointer, one-way rotating diving bezel and embedded triangle hour scale design The hippocampus once became one of the favorite diving watchs. Blancpain In 1952, Mr. Jean-Jacques Fiechter, CEO of Blancpain, was based on his own experience and needs in the dive campaign, tailoring a watch for diving, which was named For the "fifty", and become the world's first modern diving watch. Read here may be we will be "噚" more curious, why should the name used in the word? (Xún) is the measure of the depth of the traditional unit of measurement (噚 on behalf of the length of the arms open), when the sailors measure the depth of the sea is a hammer line into the sea, and then pull it from the bottom Calculate the number. Tracing the source of the inventory of the top 10 watch diving watch manufacturers In the 1950s, the French Navy established an elite dive force called "Nageurs de combat". They are hoping to find a can guarantee that frogs in the deep sea when the task can be accurate and accurate when reading the watch. However, there was no watch on the market to meet the requirements of the French Navy. After the hard work, Robert Bob Maloubier captain and captain Claude Riffaud, founder of the diving force, commissioned the plan to the Blancpain watch factory, commissioned to produce a can withstand deep sea pressure, travel time is absolutely accurate and reliable, thus guarantee Diver life safe watch. To this end, Blancpain successfully designed specifically for the Navy to create the diving watch, since the fifty also became the French Navy system equipment. Emperor camel People know the brand of the camel, how much relationship with the Rolex, because the two belong to a group, so the camel has the same quality and Rolex guarantee, but also has a greater advantage in price, in recent years by virtue of watch show on the performance, so that the original attached to the "Rolex" halo under the brand come to the fore. Tracing the source of the inventory of the top 10 watch diving watch manufacturers In 2012, the Emperor camel launched the Heritage BlackBay series of watches, and the series of watches are also considered to be the representative of the dill watch. From the appearance point of view, its style is slightly retro, but keep the most popular sports wind nowadays. In recent years, with the increase in the number of exposure, it also has a good performance in the auction market. Breitling People know that Breitling is also starting from the flight watch, sophisticated instrument style people fascinated by this. But in 1957, Breitling launched the first diving watch super sea, it is amazing is that no matter what kind of light, can see the watch of the relevant information. Tracing the source of the inventory of the top 10 watch diving watch manufacturers The opportunity to create a diving watch is the same from the military activities, in order to meet the needs of the Navy, Breitling once developed a water depth of 2000 meters diving watch. And talk about its legendary watch was undoubtedly launched in 2010 Super Ocean series watch, blue, yellow, red, silver and black to give it a new life, while upgrading the safety valve, so that the internal watch External pressure balance device. Audemars Piguet I believe that for Audemars Piguet this brand, most of the watch fans on its appearance quite interested in, and his family launched the diving watch can also be said to watch the circle of "high Fu Shuai." High-value movement of the wind has always been the reason fans chase their reasons, but the price is very people can receive. Tracing the source of the inventory of the top 10 watch diving watch manufacturers In 2010, Audemars Piguet first launched the Royal Oak Offshore diving watch, starting from the stainless steel junior needle, Audemars Pigu gradually develop new colors and materials. In 2012, the Royal Oak offshore type has forged carbon case. This is a similar to the 'Hornet' style of the Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph. In 2013, Audemars Piguet for the Royal Oak offshore diving watch added black ceramic case models. In 2014, Audemars Piguet oak offshore white ceramic diving watch was born. 6 years of time, its watch movement has been the eyes of the 3120, and the appearance is still that fascinating octagonal, but the material has gone through the stainless steel, rose gold, ceramics and carbon. Product family Speaking of the diving watch in the alternative, it must be a product family. Because among the many brands, there is little alarm clock and diving watch together. Since 1959, Jaeger-LeCoultre introduced the first dive watch, people are interested in this product, equipped with the movement can provide 45 hours of kinetic energy, and the most exciting in the diving process is undoubtedly for the divers to provide a safe early warning System, when the timing reaches the end, the watch will be issued a hammer to remind the diver back to the water. Tracing the source of the inventory of the top 10 watch diving watch manufacturers Beginning in 2010, Jaeger-LeCoultre has become the most popular diving watch by the Navy. In 2012, Jaeger-LeCoultre in the material on the innovation, launched a super-lightweight composite ceramic material. Holey time In 1904, when the Swiss watchman Holey, in 1965 launched a diving watch, which uses plastic crystal chrome-plated brass case, two-way rotating bezel and general black plastic "tropical design" strap. And the real force in the late 80s, equipped with valjoux / ETA7750 movement of the new watch. Tracing the source of the inventory of the top 10 watch diving watch manufacturers In 2013, professional diving pointer calendar watch is the world's first to indicate the moon phase and the tide of mechanical watches. Hao Li learn from the experience of commercial deep-seepers Roman Frischknecht developed this unique function, the watch by the Oris761 self-winding mechanical movement.