One hundred thousand budget can buy what 2016 very representative of the three chronograph

Chronograph, a racing field wide range of rolex replica uk, sports wind appearance, timing, speed and other functions make it deeply loved by the racing driver. But with the development of the times, more and more chronograph is no longer the racing driver's "patent", today I will introduce to you three 2016 chronograph in the masterpiece. Some people will ask, daily life seems to use less time, speed and other functions, right? For this I can only say that the pursuit of each person is different, you get the hands of more than 100 yuan old machine can call, send text messages, but why do you want to buy what Iphone? Popular point of speaking, daily life wear watch with the basis of time, minutes, seconds and other functions is inevitable, but like chronograph watch this type of watch will be equipped with a "good movement", so the most sought Quality of life of modern people, "refused to mediocrity" is the voice of most young people. Rolex cosmic models Dieton series 116500LN-78590 watch I believe that this year's swiss rolex products to understand friends should know that this year Rolex at the same time on the empty Pa, Di Daya and other products have been updated, and let users more concerned about the Di Dayong, this year launched the new Dietai watch , In the design to join the Cerachrom ceramic bezel, the material in the past only in the precious metal watch which is popular this year. In 1963, Rolex for the first time launched the Daytona watch, in order to meet the needs of endurance racing drivers and carefully designed. Equipped with a reliable speedometer scale outer ring, the highest speed up to 400 km per hour. In the dial on the configuration of the central, minute and second hand; small second hand set at 6 o'clock position; through the central pointer to the timer precision to 1/8 seconds, 30 minutes and 12 hours timer disk were set at 3 and 9 o'clock position; The second hand pauses the function to accurately adjust the time. Through the button to start the timer function, and do not use this feature, you can button with the same crown on the chain to ensure that waterproof function. The button in the three o'clock direction is the start / stop button and the zero point is the zero button. Rolex The universe meter Dieton 116500LN-78590, swiss rolex diameter 40 mm, equipped with Cerachrom bezel, silver dial with the central, minute and second hand, small second hand set at 6 o'clock position, 30 minutes and 12 hours chronograph 3 points and 9 o'clock position, with speed, timing function, equipped with Rolex 4130-type movement, power storage 72 hours, water depth of 100 meters, platinum strap with Oyster insurance buckle, reference price 95,000 yuan. Wind of the World Warriors MIRAMAR watch IW389002 The country for this brand for everyone, I believe most people are more understanding of its home pilots watch, who let people rely on the flight watch from the home? Whether it is the original Mark series, or the Navy Air Force forces MIRAMAR or Antoine De Saint Exupéry special models have a lot of fans. In 2012, the first time the country launched the TOP GUN Navy Air Force MIRAMAR watch, the most favorite fans of the two factors, one is the appearance of the military wind, the second is the dial edge shows the unique design of minutes and seconds, while the hour Read through a separate red inner ring. This year launched the new TOP GUN Navy Air Force MIRAMAR watch, the appearance of the use of the military wind design, while the overall color is also converted to smoke gray. And through the strap we can also find that from the eleven star comes standard with the green nylon strap "Nato strap", also replaced by green embossed calfskin strap. This watch watch diameter from 46 mm to 44 mm, the use of ceramic case, the material with high temperature, easy to change color, corrosion resistance and other advantages at the same time is not easy to cause skin sensitivity, but the same as the disadvantages of crazy, That is fragile. The new watch with a single date display, abandoned the previous triple date display. Thus, the dial is more concise and capable. "12 o'clock" position of the small dial equipped with a combination of hours and minutes of the accumulator to improve the comfort of the watch read, so that time to read as easy as the second time. The central pointer is used to record chronograph seconds. With the integration of the flyback function, just press the reset button, the running time pointer will return to zero, and then start a new time. 68 hours of comfortable power reserve thanks to IWC IWC 89361 self-made movement. Anti-magnetic soft iron inner shell to watch the watch from the magnetic field. The new watch is equipped with the production of the 89361 movement, its predecessor is launched in 2007 89360 movement. 89360 chronograph movement equipped with IWC the most representative Pellaton woodpecker on the chain system, driven by the four pawls on the efficient two-way chain mechanism, so that power storage up to 68 hours. The 89361 movement is launched in 2010, is 89360 advanced models, it has time, minutes, small seconds, date, flyback time function. Model IW389002, polished ceramic case, watch diameter 44 mm, thickness 15.5 mm, smoke gray dial, equipped with IWC IWC 89361 movement, with hours, minutes, small seconds, date, return time function, vibration frequency of 28800 times / Hour, double-sided anti-reflective convex sapphire glass watch mirror, waterproof 60 meters, green calfskin strap, sandblasted stainless steel folding clasp, the domestic official offer for 85200 yuan. Omega Speedmaster Series 304. watch The overall appearance of the blue plus the design of the wind is very handsome, blue dial with two small dial, located at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock direction, timing function is a major feature of the super series, but worth a It is mentioned that the watch in addition to the direction of 6 o'clock also set the moon phase display window. Blue matte polished ceramic bezel engraved on the tachometer scale above, you can use the stopwatch to measure the number of seconds required by 1 meter, the second hand by the stopwatch indicating the speed scale speed. The formula is: scale value X travel distance = speed. Look at the dial, this watch in addition to a large area of ​​blue and clearly different from the blue white scale, the most characteristic is the red application, the red embellishment makes the watch very easy to identify. The first red application is in the end of the second hand, very eye-catching, but also to read more clearly. Another red application is the Omega LOGO under the series name, the red super British "Speedmaster" eye-catching and easy to identify. The dark side of the month when the standard watch for the three-dimensional bar when the standard, covered with a white fluorescent coating, black and white contrast is strong, but also to read the time easier. Watch decorated with eye-catching 18K white gold "moon watch" style pointer, the same pointer on the luminous coating. 3 o'clock position of the timing plate for the 12-hour time disk, 9 o'clock position design date display is more special, using the pointer display mode. 6 o'clock set above the moon phase display window, through the watch on the moon disk can grasp the changes in the moon sunny, add a lot of fun to play. Watch with a transparent watch back design, equipped with the Omega 9904 automatic winding coaxial chronograph movement, the movement with a silicon gossamer without card balance hairspring balance wheel, two series of barrel, two-way automatic winding system The Center hour hand, minute hand and chronograph second hand, small second hand, calendar pointer, 12 hour timer dial and 60 minutes chronograph small dial, moon phase display. The rhodium-plated plywood is decorated with a Polish-style Geneva ripple. Power reserve: 60 hours Omega Speedmaster Series 304. watch, watch diameter 44.25 mm, stainless steel case, ceramic bezel, with time, minutes, seconds, date display, moon phase, timing and other functions, sapphire crystal watch mirror, With Omega 9904 automatic winding coaxial chronograph movement, power storage 60 hours, blue belt with polished folding clasp, reference price 76,000 yuan.